Saori Woven hat

Saori Woven hat


A beautiful one of a kind Saori woven hat with a pony tail hole, fashionable colors and side dreadlocks.  Designed to fit most common hat sizes.

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Made mostly from alpaca, with some cotton and a splash of silk; this hat is sure to invite compliments.    Wear a ponytail?  No worries, this hat comes with an almost invisible hole for your pony tail.   Saori hand weaving ensures a comfortable and fashionable fit.  Saori weaving is more too.  This weaving technique guarantees a one of a kind product as it gives the creator flexibility and freedom to express themselves.   Every thread is selected and woven by hand. We, at Rita Dee Farms, have partnered with fiber artist, Ramona Crouse, to use alpaca fiber in her weaving process. Here is the first, of what we hope to be, many products created from this process.

Fun fact:  The founder of Saori, Misao Jo – Saori , was born in 1913 in Osaka, Japan and is now 102 years old. She initiated this journey at the age of 57.

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